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Up in the air

Last night I was airborne in a Twin Squirrel (Eurocopter AS 355) over Ringwood to do a dusk shoot. We arrived just over the area just at sunset and I was shooting until well after as the brief called for a shot with street lights on. It was technically challenging as there is a tradeoff between graininess as the ISO of the camera is upped so the shots aren’t blurred by motion. The final shots were done at 1/20th of a second which was made possible by the use of a Kenyon gyro attached under the camera. The helicopter was from Microflite.



The French Line

Back in 1998 I produced a documentary about the French Line, a seismic survey conducted by French Petroleum across the Simpson Desert from Dalhousie in the west to the Eyre Creek in the east, then on to Birdsville. They were searching for oil under the Great Artesian Basin aquifer.

The occasion was the 35th anniversary of the original survey, and the Land Rover Club of Victoria had invited several of the men of the original survey to make the crossing with them.

Last year TOTAL E&P, who own the original French Petroleum wanted to mark the 50th anniversary of the event so I went back through our archives to produce this short piece to be shown at their function in Perth.

It was great to speak to some of the veterans of the trip again, especially Dean Drayton who was the Australian chief geophysicist in 1963.

Summing up the ’63 expedition Dean commented: “We were gloriously able to tell them where oil wasn’t.”

Land Rover Owners Club of Victoria

This was an ambitious project to capture the essence of Australia’s oldest four wheel drive club. The story is told through interviews and footage from members’ archives as well as a series of events held throughout 2013 to celebrate the club’s history.
The finished DVD is available through the club and can also be ordered directly from us by using the contact form.

Crayola TV and cinema commercials

We have a long association with Crayola and have both made television commercials from scratch and also repurposed many US based commercials. Sometimes it’s a simple end graphic, other times a new voiceover and soundtrack has to be created. Some go to television, others to cinema.

We do all the liaison with CAD to ensure your commercials are good to go to air, then shoot them off for broadcast  digitally.

Here’s a sampling of some we have worked on.


This is an example of a TV commercial where we worked with PLOT Media who were our client. Our involvement was to shoot the video for the opener and  stills  for the grass trimmer which they then animated.

Connect Hearing Lisa’s Story

This and another television commercial  were done for Evergreen. All the live footage was supplied from the US version of the ad and our job was to recut a 45 to a 30 second ad. Phil rewrote the script and I did the voiceover for the tag.