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As well as traditional 30 and 15 second Television Commercials Image Control also delivers video for screens of all shapes and sizes: web, TV, vertical LCD displays, Cinema. From live action to animated, graphic-based work, we have you covered.

Make It Wood Ad campaign

Image Control has produced a series of five 15 second advertisements for TV, Catch up and online for Forest and Wood Products. The series is titled ‘Make it Wood’. Writer: David Simpson. Shoot and post-production: Image Control.

Crayola Colorclicks

Crayola had a requirement to launch a new range of marker pens and Image Control came up with the idea of creating a unique claymation style 30 second tv commercial. Working with writer David Simpson we engaged the talented animator Sal Cooper to create the plasticine characters to bring the pens to life and illustrate their key benefits. The commercial first went to air in January 2015.


Crayola TV and cinema commercials

We have a long association with Crayola and have both made television commercials from scratch and also repurposed many US based commercials. Sometimes it’s a simple end graphic, other times a new voiceover and soundtrack has to be created. Some go to television, others to cinema.

We do all the liaison with CAD to ensure your commercials are good to go to air, then shoot them off for broadcast  digitally.

Here’s a sampling of some we have worked on.


This is an example of a TV commercial where we worked with PLOT Media who were our client. Our involvement was to shoot the video for the opener and  stills  for the grass trimmer which they then animated.

Connect Hearing Lisa’s Story

This and another television commercial  were done for Evergreen. All the live footage was supplied from the US version of the ad and our job was to recut a 45 to a 30 second ad. Phil rewrote the script and I did the voiceover for the tag.