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High in the air over Eastland

In 2014 we were contacted by a client who had a very specific photographic requirement for the Eastland shopping centre at Ringwood. What they needed was a dusk image with lights visible on the ground, shot from a very specific altitude over a specific point with the city in the background. The shots also had to be sharp as someone else had tried to do it twice before.

Drones were in their very early days back then so we hired a helicopter from Microflite and armed with the Nikon and a gyro stabiliser I set out with the art director. I had set up tethered shooting so he could see them on his laptop as they were taken.

And this is the result, a happy client and a memorable image.

And onboard on the way back to Moorabbin.

I’ve been interviewed

Last month I was interviewed  by Kiwi Dave Homewood about my experiences of interviewing veterans. Dave does a similar thing in New Zealand. Here’s a link to Dave’s podcast.

Unsung Heroes – Vern Lancaster

Despite his surname Vern Lancaster DFC was a Spitfire pilot with four victories. He passed away recently at the age of 97 1/2. The half is very important once you reach that age!

The stills are from Vern’s album. I interviewed him for the Temora Aviation Museum in 2014.


Vern in the cockpit of a 611 Squadron (RAF) Spitfire

Argus comic strip style article Sat Oct 28th 1944

It was quite an honour to have a cartoon strip of your exploits. The Argus was one of Melbourne’s newspapers. As you can see the cartoon quotes the 100th victory when it should have been the 999th.

611 Sqdn celebrates their 1000th kill

Vern (to the right of the lower blade) scored the squadron’s 999th victory.


Saferoads Tubthumpa

This was a fun one to shoot.

Their signage really does stand up to it.

The vintage Allis-Chalmers scraper seen at the end happened to be next door – and had an owner who was happy to try to break it.

Temora Warbirds Downunder TVC

This is an update of a commercial we created for the Temora Aviation Museum’s Warbirds Downunder airshow. A couple of the images were supplied but the rest was shot by Keith. The air to air footage was shot out of the back of a Caribou a couple of days before the 2013 airshow. This was without doubt one of the more challenging shoots I have done. I was shooting with the F3 camera using a hired $45k lens and with a large heavy gyroscope underneath. It was mounted on a sort of a pogo stick monopod. Because we couldn’t have anything loose (including in pockets) I had to do without my glasses which made things a little challenging, added to which my earplugs fell out, thankfully not being ingested into the Sabre’s Avon engine. The poor old Caribou was going flat out when the Sabre was behind us, increasing noise levels and vibration to challenging levels. We were airborne for well over an hour, landing at dusk, having had the advantage of perfect late afternoon light. There were five of us on board plus the crew including our loadmaster who had to busy himself repairing the roof panelling which was flapping loosely at one point. Naturally we were well harnessed in. All considered it was a great experience even if I did think at one stage this was bloody hard work!


This was one of two short (silent) art videos created for a dance performance piece to set the scene. Pandemonium founder and event manager, Alessandra Izzo commented: “YES!!! it’s completely perfect!!!” (I like the exclamation mark overload).

This video opened the show.


So much to Love campaign for Cooma-Monaro Shire

In May 2015 we were commissioned to create a suite of four short promotional videos for Cooma-Monaro Shire in conjunction with long time client Peter Sheppard.

The four videos are an integral part of a successful campaign to encourage people to move, invest, work and play in Cooma, the gateway to the Snowy Mountains.

In addition to the videos still photography for brochures was also completed, as well as a series of six radio commercials produced by Image Control.

This is the Invest video

This is part of a series of four videos all shot on location in the Snowy Mountains over a four day period in May 2015. Image Control also created still images and a series of radio ads as part of the “So much to Love” campaign.

Here’s an example of how the still images were used.


Tourism Snowy Mountains

We worked with Tourism Snowy Mountains to create promotional and advertising material, including still photography for posters, a range of videos and a series of television commercials.

Here’s a promotional video covering the Snowy Mountains area. We shot most of the footage but there is also some supplied material.

Image Control

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