Temora Warbirds Downunder TVC

This is an update of a commercial we created for the Temora Aviation Museum’s Warbirds Downunder airshow. A couple of the images were supplied but the rest was shot by Keith. The air to air footage was shot out of the back of a Caribou a couple of days before the 2013 airshow. This was without doubt one of the more challenging shoots I have done. I was shooting with the F3 camera using a hired $45k lens and with a large heavy gyroscope underneath. It was mounted on a sort of a pogo stick monopod. Because we couldn’t have anything loose (including in pockets) I had to do without my glasses which made things a little challenging, added to which my¬†earplugs fell out, thankfully not being ingested into the Sabre’s Avon engine. The poor old Caribou was going flat out when the Sabre was behind us, increasing noise levels and vibration to challenging levels. We were airborne for well over an hour, landing at dusk, having had the advantage of perfect late afternoon light. There were five of us on board plus the crew including our loadmaster who had to busy himself repairing the roof panelling which was flapping loosely at one point. Naturally we were well harnessed in. All considered it was a great experience even if I did think at one stage this was bloody hard work!