Air to air shoot

Last November, a couple of days before the Temora Aviation Museum’s Warbirds Downunder airshow I was offered a spot in the back of the HARS Caribou to shoot some museum aircraft.

The first image was taken by Rob Fox and gives a good idea of the space we had for the shoot.  You can see my hand and the camera on the left of frame. The camera is the Sony F3 with a hired lens and a Tyler gyro underneath. The gyro and it’s batteries (carried in a backpack) were quite heavy, the total weight of the kit was around 25 kilos.

We had to ensure our pockets were empty so nothing could go out the back to FOD the following aircraft. I had hearing protection in the form of a couple of expanding earbuds, one of which was lost overboard almost immediately. I had no glasses so had to squint at the screen on the camera to focus. The wind from the open doors  was buffeting and the noisiest environment I have ever encountered.

However, as the stills from the video show, the view which was limited by the framing of the Caribou was absolutely spectacular.

Photo taken by Rob Fox

Photo taken by Rob Fox

On the left is Gavin Conroy, a New Zealand still photographer, and on the right is Jarrod Cotter from Aeroplane magazine (UK).

Temora Aviation Museum's Boomerang

Temora Aviation Museum’s Boomerang

Doug Hamilton flew both the Boomerang and Hudson. We were airborne well over an hour, orbiting to the west of Temora.

RAAF Museum's Sabre

Temora Aviation Museum's Lockheed Hudson Matt Hall in Mustang Hornet, Spitfires and Caribou

Photograph: RAAFMatt Hall in Mustang 1