High in the air over Eastland

In 2014 we were contacted by a client who had a very specific photographic requirement for the Eastland shopping centre at Ringwood. What they needed was a dusk image with lights visible on the ground, shot from a very specific altitude over a specific point with the city in the background. The shots also had to be sharp as someone else had tried to do it twice before.

Drones were in their very early days back then so we hired a helicopter from Microflite and armed with the Nikon and a gyro stabiliser I set out with the art director. I had set up tethered shooting so he could see them on his laptop as they were taken.

And this is the result, a happy client and a memorable image.

And onboard on the way back to Moorabbin.

Unsung Heroes – Vern Lancaster

Despite his surname Vern Lancaster DFC was a Spitfire pilot with four victories. He passed away recently at the age of 97 1/2. The half is very important once you reach that age!

The stills are from Vern’s album. I interviewed him for the Temora Aviation Museum in 2014.


Vern in the cockpit of a 611 Squadron (RAF) Spitfire

Argus comic strip style article Sat Oct 28th 1944

It was quite an honour to have a cartoon strip of your exploits. The Argus was one of Melbourne’s newspapers. As you can see the cartoon quotes the 100th victory when it should have been the 999th.

611 Sqdn celebrates their 1000th kill

Vern (to the right of the lower blade) scored the squadron’s 999th victory.


Up in the air

Last night I was airborne in a Twin Squirrel (Eurocopter AS 355) over Ringwood to do a dusk shoot. We arrived just over the area just at sunset and I was shooting until well after as the brief called for a shot with street lights on. It was technically challenging as there is a tradeoff between graininess as the ISO of the camera is upped so the shots aren’t blurred by motion. The final shots were done at 1/20th of a second which was made possible by the use of a Kenyon gyro attached under the camera. The helicopter was from Microflite.